Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

It's really weird how you've spent years with someone, and when it's over and you looked back, you came to realize that the two of you were never perfect for each other.

You thought you knew each other so well, but you didn't. You thought he loved you more than everything in this fuckin' world, but he really didn't--you were just too blind to see. He didn't give it all because he was being cautious, and you thought it was because he cared for you too much. He didn't. He just wanted to make sure that he could check out when the going gets tough, without you being too clingy.

You thought all your conversations went smoothly. You thought he loved the way you talked about so many things that no one else would understand. Don't you know? He didn't understand, too. And he didn't love you being geek. He went through most of your conversation thinking that you were so weird. Just like the way Oasis said it, he hated the books you read and all your friends, and your music did keep him up all night, up all night.

You were hanging on to your relationship, thinking that he and you must be the best couple in this whole fucking world, but you're not. You were just getting used to it. And this  blinded you so much that you couldn't see the truth. Or maybe you were just too scared. The more time you guys spent together, the more he became your air, at one point, it was so hard to breathe without him. But once you got your wake-up call and you're ready to set him free, do it. That's when you got all things right. That's when you're wise enough to take the necessary steps. That's when you can see clearly now the rain has gone.

That's when you can breathe again.

So it really doesn't matter how long you've known someone, because your mind could really trick you. Most of what you thought were true, turned out to be the biggest joke in your life. Laugh at it. Forget it. You just got to find someone who's worth loving for. It is someone whose smile makes you smile, whose presence makes you calm, whose laughter turns out to be your favorite sound, whose being with him makes you don't want to be with another, ever again.

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