The World According to Shalom Auslander

The world was a dark and depressing place in those days. There were people everywhere. Most of those people considered most of other people something less than people. All the people wanted all the other people the hell out of their country.

Everybody believed in Someone or Something and whatever anybody believed, they believed it completely. Their belief in their belief was unbelievable. They had complete faith in their faith. The only thing they doubted was the doubt itself.

There were two things, however, that everyone believed, no matter what they believed: Whatever they believed was unbelievably right, and what everybody else believed was unbelievably wrong.

Piety and passion were in great supply. Homelands were not.
Arms dealers had never been busier.
It was a dark and depressing place.

(Startling Revelations from the Lost Book of Stan, in "Beware of God", 2005, p. 92) 

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