In Wong Kar Wai's "In The Mood For Love", the protagonists had all the reasons in the world to fall in love with each other. Busy husband, neglected wife..

.. but sometimes being attracted to someone else does not always require that kind of situation. Sometimes there is nothing really wrong with your relationship. Sometimes it is just loneliness or adrenaline.

Sometimes you get instantly attracted to someone just because they wear white shirt (you have never seen them wear a white shirt before, and white is your favorite color) and look so god damn beautiful in it.

Or just because they put a lovely smile that makes you realize how sweet their lips look like and wonder how it would taste to kiss them.

Or simply because when they talk, they make this cute gesture with their hands that make you want to wrap them in yours.

And then you start to think about being in bed with them.

How would they make love to you? How would they move? Would they hold you all the way? What would they say when you give them soft kiss on their eyebrows? Would you whisper to each other? Would you stay awake to watch them sleep once it is over?


  1. membaca ini pagi ini, seperti curhat :D

  2. And I'm ashamed to write this to you but I must confess that there is a line in your smile that I think leaves a very sweet impression to anybody who saw it.


  3. @Nia Ning Laila: *terbatuk elegan*

  4. @Anon1: That is so sweet of you.