Dream R


I was in my hotel room, reading a book at the balcony. You rang the bell and whispered my name. Your voice was soft, but I knew it's you.

I always know it's you.

You walked me back to the balcony and asked what the book was about. I said it doesn't matter because I'd rather read your beautiful mind. And then you held me from behind and started to kiss my face. 'Not on the lips,' I said--but you kissed it anyway (and I liked it). I undid your white shirt buttons and kissed you back like I mean it. You whispered my name a few times more. 'Don't ask,' you said--but I asked anyway (and you answered).

I held your hands and when you were inside me, we both hear the wind sing.

Nusa Dua, Bali, 6 Desember 2018

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